Ok so I’ve been in an almost constant level of pain for the past few days now and I don’t think I feel as depressed. Made me think about distractions. Now a distraction that distracts you from depression should be a good thing yes? Though physical pain seems like a poor trade off.

Makes me think about what distracts us and what we do to distract ourselves. Right now I’m being distracted by Netflix. I had a half decent idea I think for an entry on distractions but now find most of my attention being drawn to the TV.

Sometimes we can’t help but be distracted while other times we impose distractions on ourselves. I think a lot of the time it’s called procrastination and I find I’m an expert procrastinator. When I’m at work I’m distracted by Facebook and Google and thoughts of things I could be doing. I play Dungeons and Dragons and love it and often find myself thinking about it while I’m working because to be honest, it’s far more interesting than work. When I’m out of work however I find the urge to work on my campaign fades and instead I’ll play videogames or go for a run or watch TV or anything. Anything easier that requires almost minimal effort.

I’m starting to rant in a nonsensical way.While I wanted this blog to have an air of randomness about it I also want it to be legible. Distractions can be good I suppose is what I’m trying to say but we still have to be careful. A distraction to take your mind off depression? Great! A distraction that inflicts it’s own problems however is a problem.

It’s difficult to know where the line is sometimes, especially if we’re distracting ourselves from something particularly hard to deal with. I hate my job and it’s one of the main causes of stress and anxiety in my life. I was looking at getting a new job at the start of the year but that prospect seems even more daunting than sticking with my current job. If I took the time to sit down, really worked at finding a new job then I probably would. But there are distractions, things that actually make me happy but distractions.

Ugh now I’m going round and round and round and reaching my hands up to the back of my head. Always a bad sign. I guess the point I keep circling but fail to land on is that distractions exist, for the good and the bad and we need to find that balance. Even the good distractions become a problem when they take too much of our time and distract us from stuff that is ‘important’. I put important in these ‘,’ because work shouldn’t rate that highly on list of importance in our lives. It does. That is a fact but it shouldn’t.

Another post for another time. Hmmm this did not make me feel better. Next time gadget.